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Great saint Hanuman Prasad ji poddar was a living legend of spirituality .He was so humble and simple that it was impossible to understand that he is a very devine person. He looked like a very religious business community man having strong inclination towards spirituality . But his spiritual attaintments were unparallel. I wish people who are associated with Bhaiji could contribute some small rememberence of his devine personality in these pages.

for reading more on this book please connect http://www.scribd.com/radhababaofgorakhpur or click the following links








for reading more on this book please connect http://www.scribd.com/radhababaofgorakhpur or click the following links





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Sadhu Krishna Prem Ji

Sadhu Krishna Prem

Sadhu Krishna Prem Ji

Sadhu Krishna Prem took birth in a Vaishnava Family and his father Shri Ballabh Goswami was a Great singer of Dhrupad Dhamar but he spent his life worshipping in Vaishnava temples performing in front of Lord Krishna. In spite of being a top class singer, he never performed in public or commercially. The maternal uncle of Sadhu Krishna Prem had more influence on him rather than his father. Therefore he joined Shri Chiman Lal Goswami who was associated with Geetapress, Gorakhpur. Shri Chiman Lal Goswami was a brilliant scholar who got his education from Banaras Hindu University with 2 Gold Medals in English and Sanskrit. He worked as a Private Secretary of Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya. He was offered top administrative position by Maharaja of Bikaner but due to his spiritual inclination he left his important position and joined Geetapress at a very nominal salary. Shri Chiman Lal Goswami all over his life worked behind the scenes and his contribution for success of Geetapress is no less than Bhaiji Shri Hanuman Prasad Ji Poddar. He was editor of Kalyan Kalptaru which was English Version of Kalyan. But due to his immense faith in Bhaiji and Radha Baba as a highest spiritual personality, he never got himself in light. He became editor of Kalyan after the death of Shri Poddar Ji.

Chiman Lal Goswami himself was a great saint who did outstanding work in translating all Hindu epics and books like Madbhagwat, Ramcharitmanas, Valmiki Ramayan and Bhagwad Geeta into English so that world can get knowledge about it. He was such a brilliant scholar that he was offered the chair of Shankaracharya but he refused. He spent his life till death at Gorakhpur serving the purpose of Geetapress in making the religious books available to the masses which is known to everybody.

Sadhu Krishna Prem whose name was Shri Natwar Lal Goswami before Sanyas had a very difficult life and full of struggle. He left very prosperous jobs in Government and private services several times so that he can live with Radha Baba at Gorakhpur. He spent almost his whole life at Gorakhpur till Shri Hanuman Prasad Ji Poddar was alive. He was very close to Radha Baba and very much influenced by him. In 1974, he took Sanyas after the death of Shri Poddar Ji. In 1977,  he lived in USA for 6 months and gave speeches in 25 universities and 250 public places. He spoke about Bhakti and Radha Bhava Sadhna of Lord Krishna. He was not a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna but also had faith in Lord Shiva and Shakti. In the late part of life he spent all his time in writing books on Radha Baba and wrote about 3000 pages which are very valuable and having wide subjects of spirituality.

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Radha Baba, The Saint

Mahabhava Dinmani Shri Radha Baba Part 6 -khand 2 is being uploaded in 4 parts.

Please click these  4 images to read the books.

a site on great saint BHAIJI SHRI HANUMAN PRASAD JI PODDAR is available with the login name http://www.hanumanprasadjipoddar.com . His Devotees who wish to contribute articles on him may kindly send it to radhababaofgorakhpur@gmail.com

we have uploaded the book of Shradhanjali on Shri Hanuman Prasad Ji poddar BHAIJI PAWAN SMARAN ,radha madhava chintan ,sant hriday bhaijietc.

is available in scribd .

Radha Baba

Radha Baba

The Great Saint Shri Radha Baba of Gorakhpur never came in light during his lifetime because he believed that a Sanyasi should never publicize himself. Only devotees who were closely associated with Saint Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddar, who was popularly known as Bhaiji came in association with Shri Radha Baba because he always lived with Bhaiji in Gita Garden GorakhpurShri Chakradhar Baba was more popular as Radha Baba and he was a brilliant scholar having proficiency in six or seven languages.

He came in contact of Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddar in quest of spirituality through Jai Dayal Ji Goenka who was a spiritual personality and founder of Gitapress. Radha Baba was a follower of Vedant and very much intellectual. But after he came in contact of Shri Bhaiji, he became a Bhakti Margi and staunch devotee of Lord Krishna. He followed the path of Braj Sadhana and worshipped Lord Krishna in the concept of Radha Bhava. In the tradition of Saint Shri Chaitanya Ji, he worshipped by Naam Sadhna and Bhava Samadhi.

During his life time he maintained highest austerity, never touched money and kept away all luxuries. This kind of life path he lived was very rare in saints of that time. He took food and water only once in a day during all his life. His spiritual bond with Bhaiji was very strong and people who followed Bhaiji also followed Baba. He was an outstanding writer but he never published his name in his books therefore his books were written anonymous or by inscribing Ek Sadhu. He was a wonderful poet and wrote excellent poetry of devotion.

Radha Baba at Platform

Radha Baba at a Railway Platform

During his spiritual journey, in childhood he started worshiping Lord Shiva and after Sanyas he was dogmatic  for Vedant. When he met Shri Bhaiji at Gorakhpur his mind set was transformed. But it was not all sudden. He worshipped Tripur Sundari and achieved the highest in that cult. Then he slowly turned into Bhakti Marg and became devotee of Lord Krishna. He used to remain in Samadhi for days without worldly consciousness. He never disclosed his spiritual achievements and never made disciples. He taught Bhagwannam Jap and believed that prayer is the highest spiritual Sadhana a human being can do which is unfailing if done by faith.

He ended his life at wish and went into Maha Samadhi after his commitments. The books written by several writers who had been associated with him can never reveal the peaks he achieved in spirituality. He was a Maha Sidha Sant and this was revealed by his contemporary saints. The purpose of this site is to reveal the world  the highest spiritual personality, though very little can be described by words.

radha baba and maharajji

Radha Baba in Krishna Leela

Sadhu Krishna Prem and Shri Radhe Shyam Banka lived with Radha Baba at Gorakhpur for years. The books on this site are written with highest devotion without any egotism and great faith. It might appear exaggerated while reading some events. But they should be taken in the same spirit as writers were highly devoted to Radha Baba.

The spiritual condition of Bhaiji was very secret . No body including his very close like radha baba never
disclosed because Bhaiji was not interested in revealing his spiritual condition to any wone. He always behaved
like religious marwari , but the people who were very close knew his highest spiritual attainment. Radha baba wrote that the condition of Bhaiji is just like chaitanya Mahaprabhu and his spiritual self is totally turned into Radha Rani , the beloved of Lord Krishna .This was considered the highest attainment in Bhakti ,but Bhaiji simply belied this by saying in Marwari*Matho Kharab Ho gayo*. It was like a jagrat Samadhi of highest attainment.
After the death of Bhaiji Shri Hanuman Prasadji poddar the letters written by saint Radha baba and Ram sukha dasji Maharaj are printed which are quoted below

original writing of radha baba about spiritual condition of bhaiji shri hanuman prasadji poddar

click this link to read
in detail what radha baba of gorakhpur and swami ramsukha dasji maharaj
wrote about bhaiji

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Shri Hanuman Prasad Ji Poddar

Hanuman Prasad Ji Poddar

Hanuman Prasad Ji Poddar

Shri Hanuman Prasad Ji Poddar, known as Bhaiji, was a distinguished personality of India who contributed a lot for making available religious books among masses at cheapest prices. He was a freedom fighter and very few people knew his spiritual attainment. He was a saint of very high calibre and due to his humility this thing was not revealed in his lifetime. But contemporary saints like Swami Karpatri Ji Maharaj, Kripa Shankar Ji, Swami Prabhu Pad Ji, etc. had highest respect for him.

Life of Shri Poddar Ji is well known to the Indian public because he was associated with Gitapress and Kalyan. But very few people knew about Radha Baba. Poojya Poddar Ji had highest spiritual respect and love for Radha Baba. Shri Poddar Ji wrote about Radha Baba:

Shri Radha Baba came in my contact inspired by Poojya Jai Dayal Ji Goenka. His relations with me cannot be defined in words. He is the closest one to me and I am closest to him. His spiritual attainments are unparallel. He had deep faith in Advait but he became immensely absorbed in Ras Sadhna. His attainment of Maha Bhava is unparallel. Such Bhakti Sadhna with Advait is very rarely revealed in any saint.

Radha Baba waiting at a Railway Platform

Radha Baba (Left) waiting at a Railway Platform

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